“Some people show up in your life.
Just to give you a blow.”


Today, a fan left a message saying that her boyfriend hadn’t spoken to her in half a month, and yesterday she pretended to break up with him, but he was so quick to agree that he just blacked out her tweets.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re not going to be able to get into a relationship with your boyfriend.

She said, why is it that guys can be so serious when they say they love you, but once they break up, they can be so desperate.
They don’t care about you and become indifferent to everything about you.
I asked her, why did your boyfriend break up with you?
She said that the two people’s relationship has always been good at the beginning, but after a long time, there were inevitably quarrels. He distained me too effeminate and too strong a personality, and I distained him not gentle enough for me, too little time with me.
Gradually, the two contradictions on more and more, I tried to meet him, with his rhythm, but his attitude towards me day by day to become cold, before forcing me to break up with him.
They say that boys as long as the breakup is certainly not salvageable, and although girls often do not agree to break up, but just hope that the boys can be kind to her.
So in love, what are reasons boys want to break up?

1. Loss of freshness

 It has been said that once love loses its original freshness, all that remains is boredom.
After all, the beginning of a relationship is always sweet, and sometimes you can’t tell if it’s hormones or so-called likes.
I have a brother who has been in many relationships, and he said to me, “Lin Xi, when you first start liking a girl, you’ll be dying to have her, even if the other person is so unreasonable, you have a thousand ways to make her happy.
But as you spend more time with each other, your arguments become more and more frequent, and you slowly become impatient in the face of her shortcomings, as if your love for her is also diminishing day by day.
You start not wanting to reply to her messages, you don’t want to explain when you argue, and even for a moment, never want to see her again.
It seems like that fondness you had for her is gone.

2. I’m tired and want to be free

A lot of guys tend to not like being tied down too much by their girlfriends because they feel like they are just a part of their life, not the whole thing.
I think everyone needs to have their own space, men too.
But there is also a part of them that will hate the phone calls from their girlfriends when they are drinking and will even ignore the messages from them.
It’s because they don’t want to waste time on pointless things, like going shopping with their girlfriend, like watching a movie they don’t want to watch with her, like going to places that they are bored with.
And a clingy girlfriend often makes these guys feel especially stressed, so they want their girlfriend to be considerate and gentle at the same time, she can also be independent and have her own life.
After all, some men don’t want to be in a relationship, just to be able to satisfy their own sex life.

3. don’t want to be responsible for your future
Some guys will still talk to you even though they know there is no future with you.

Because not everyone is going to be in your shoes that much and seek you out to talk to simply because of a passing interest in getting pleasure out of you.
They don’t care at all as to whether or not you get hurt by it.
But happiness is always short-lived, and two people together always have to go through a personality breakdown, real-life trials, and life in general, and some people may automatically give up before they get to that point.
There are some fans, for example, who talk about their boyfriends run away when they get pregnant; once they have any difficulties in life, their boyfriends disappear.
Sometimes, they’re not only incapable of taking this on, but they’re just not willing to do it for you.

4. sorry.
I have loved another girl.

In this age of fast relationships, it’s common to pick an alternate in a relationship.
You never know, the guy who is  tender to you maybe one day he will give the tenderness to another girl.
Xiao Ke went through a “cold violence” breakup with her ex-boyfriend, and the reason is that their personalities don’t get along. But she was surprised to find out that just a week after they broke up, her boyfriend already had a new girlfriend.
More painful than the breakup is not “you broke up” this thing, but the other one has already chosen to betray, and plan to break up.


While there are many more reasons to break up, I’ve always believed that the real reason that causes breakups is often simply because the other person doesn’t love anymore.
Love doesn’t really have that many excuses and reasons.
You have to believe that the person who abandoned you and made you cry is no longer the same person who loved you in the first place.
– Some people show up in your life just to give you a shock.
– But that’s okay, the person who leave you is not the right man.