“It’s true affection when you don’t have anything to say without embarrassment.

Feelings fade  because one goes too fast and one goes too slow.

Yang Yang was particularly close to his girlfriend before, like two Siamese twins who don’t want to be apart, and moved in together not long afterwards.

In order to save money for his wedding, Yangyang started to work overtime and came home late every day. His girlfriend had more time to spare, so she would cook dinner and wait for him to come home. Change the time for dinner to 9:00. The two begin to fight, Yang Yang discourages his girlfriend for being lazy and not knowing how to make more money and spend less; his girlfriend discourages Yang Yang for not having time for her. The whole day was either work or work.

When the talk broke down, Yang Yang started to pack her bags for the trip, realized she couldn’t find her shirt and rummaged through her suitcase, and finally his girlfriend just said the washing machine at home was broken and she took it to the dry cleaners.

“Why didn’t you tell me when the washing machine broke?”

“You’re so busy at work, where do you find the time to fix it?”

Yang Yang was silent, thinking that it was also his fault, he was too busy at work and didn’t have time to accompany her.

It’s not really a big deal for two people to talk it out, it’s just that one goes fast and one goes slow.

But the reality is how many couples have nothing to say when they choose to break up, so what to do if the relationship is getting weaker?

Finding the Right Lifestyle

Every relationship has a period of independence, and even if you loved something when you were in love, you may be incredibly obnoxious at the moment!

A previous fan consultation recounted a love affair of his own

“I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now and the relationship has always been amicable. But I don’t know when it started, but it was getting easier to argue between us, and any argument could turn into a heated argument. Every time two people refuse to back down.”

“Then I slowly realized that most guys have this period of anti-dependent independence in their relationships. We slowly found a way to get along together, like I wouldn’t mumble next to him when he was playing games, and when I wanted to go shopping he I would stay with me even if I didn’t understand. Then after this period, we became more and more inseparable from each other instead because of our previous run-ins.”

Actually most guys go through a phase in a relationship where it’s not that he likes you anymore, or that he’s cheating or anything. It’s just that he needs some time to adjust, and after that, your bond will grow stronger.

What started out as a whispering match has been smoothed out by life, and you need to find the intersection of your lives and find a way to get along that neither of you will ever get tired of. Find a way to live together.

Cultivating common interests

Discovering some long-standing hobbies that the two of you share will keep your relationship fresh all the time!Whether you like the same game, or read the same novel by the same author, or both love.

A common interest can bring you one very important thing, and that is “conversation.”

Why do guys usually prefer to play games with guys and girls usually prefer to go shopping with girls, because there are more “common topics” between people of the same sex?

So if you don’t have something in common by now, cultivate one together.

A good love is one that involves “growing up together”, trying to do something together that will keep the two of you interested and spending time together.

When two people take the same steps, they don’t run out of things to say.

Control your temper

Once you’ve made it through your hottest date, focus on improving yourself.

Simply keeping in touch with others isn’t enough to sustain a relationship; rather, owning your talent and shining is what allows you to capitalize on each other.

Always compliment each other even if you can’t keep up with it every day.

Like, you look great today, you look great in that shirt you’re wearing today, etc. You have to speak every day and not just disappear.

You must speak every day and not suddenly disappear to make your presence felt.

The most important thing is to give each other freedom and space. If you keep this up, sooner or later each of you will have had enough.

Establishing family links

There are two ways to put it: one is that even if you have nothing to say to each other, when you spend time with each other, the other is that you feel like you should have said something but have already said it.

Congratulations, if it’s the former, this is what love should be like!

If it’s the latter, then perhaps you need to wake up to the fact that perhaps you see love as a corner of the “passion” triangle.

It’s often said that things like love have a shelf life, or that love eventually becomes a feeling.

It’s psychological in nature. It’s the passion of love. It’s consuming.

In the past, your heart beat at the sight of each other, wanting to know each other’s past, hobbies, thoughts about you, every communication with expectations.

But as we get to know each other, the newness decreases, the hormones diminish, the passion burns out, but intimacy and commitment are not established, so an intimate relationship naturally seems awkward and odd.

So don’t be too concerned about the passion in love, but rather learn to find happiness in a quiet life.

What makes love fade is not the third party or the parental obstruction, but our own inability to manage it.

Gradually you’ll realize that it’s the norm that the people you like don’t like you.

This kind of thing in love is to see the luck, like is no reason to say, you like the person who does not like you you have to admit, you like the person who also likes you is a small probability thing, admit incompetence, is the biggest respect we have for love.

When feelings fade, it’s a good idea to stop and wait for each other to slow down, find our way of living together, learn to listen and share, and learn to cherish each other.