What kind of way do girls want to be hit on most?
Which way do girls most want to be hit on?
Come look at what do the cute girls
who are not shy and do not blush say?
In addition to these girls.
And I did a survey.
It’s like, “How would you most like to be hit on, girl?”
The girls answered.
It’s really multifarious….
Girl 1:
I like my boyfriend.
Whisper in my ear most.
With his magnetic voice:
Trying to sleep with you.
Girl 2:
He stands in front of me on purpose.
His penis had a great reaction.
And let me touch it.
Girl 3:
My boyfriend is over 1.8 meters.
We’re 20 centimeters apart.
That’s when he used to wrap his arms around me from behind.
Ask me what I want to eat.
Girl 4:
He always knocking me around.
I can’t even look him in the eye.
Waiting to be kissed….
Girl 5:
I’m tired after work at night.
Go home and do nothing.
Except for the sumptuous dinner.
He still asks if I need service?
I love it when he gives me a massage…
Girl 6:
When I’m angry.
He said to me.
Pouncing will solve any problem.
And then….
Girl 7:
He said to me.
Baby, I got an itch here.
You rub it for me.
Then I asked where?
He said, “Mouth.”
Girl 8:
Every cab ride.
He’d touch my chest, my legs, my back.
And a tongue kiss.  
Girl 9:
He made me go limp with sex.
And finally, softly.
He took me to the shower.  
Girl 10:
That kid is so cute.
What to do?
Him: “Go, go home.”
Me: “What for?”
Him: “Make a baby!!!”   
【How do you want to be hit on?】