Attention, girls! Sister AI will share some truth that women really understand after they get married.

First: men are unreliable.

Some people think that after marriage, they just need to be responsible for the beauty at home. In fact, it’s not true. When a man proposes to raise you, it’s a lie, unless you are married to a very rich man.

Otherwise, you will never escape from the fate of washing and cooking, becoming a housewife, or working outside to support the family.

Second: it’s important to make money.

After getting married, a lot of girls have children at home and gradually become yellow-faced women. Compared with them, those girls who have stable jobs have a much happier life. They can buy whatever they want and they don’t have to ask for money. They are financially independent. When they are gossiped about, they have money and they are not afraid.

Third: marry love.

More and more people get married in order to get married, and then live a life that looks good, and spend the rest of their lives without desire. Like the most ordinary marriage life, they quarrel and then make up, no deep love and hate. Their life are monotonous and tasteless.

At the end of life, when they think about it, it’s like a lifetime in vain, but there is no possibility of looking back. So, if you can, please marry love.

Fourth, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not good.

Those who promise before marriage that they can get on well with their mother-in-law, only after marriage will they understand it’s hard to do that. The collision of cultural differences, ideas, ways of thinking is very common in daily life. So, the relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law will never be as simple as you imagine.

Fifth: don’t only focus on the appearance when you get married.

Those girls who say, “if you can’t marry love, marry to someone who looks good. At least when you see that nice face after a fight, your anger will go away.

I tell you, those words are deceitful. If he has a bad temper and bad conduct,nothing but good looks, you can’t hold back your temper at all.