Has there been a time when you find it hard to like someone anymore?

Falling for people quickly.
Dating soon.
And quickly dislike again.
If you don’t like it, you don’t like it.
It’s like having a valve on your heart.

Used to like people 100 percent.
Perform the like 30 percent.
Now you like people 30 percent.
But perform the like 100 percent.
Not to fool anyone, either.
Mostly to fool myself.
Trying to act out.
Being able to evolve myself into it.

Essentially feel nothing to do with with the world.
Wouldn’t get too worked up over others.
Empty at heart.
No one else.
Hopefully by self-implication.
to have a little more connection with the world.

No patience.
If it works, just do it. If not, just give it up.
If you don’t know if it works, try contacting it again.

No desire for expression.
There is no desire to make people understand me.
Will not defend for yourself.

Thinking that no one is totally special.
No one has to be together.
Thinking that there’s not much difference between people.
Handsome, smart, talented, rich.
Ultimately you felt like nothing more than that.

Being able to handle feelings rationally.
Can distinguish between sex and love and understand the prodigal son.
Also feel more genuinely like.
It is one of the most precious things in the world.

Starting to get titillating.
Starting to get routine.
Starting to appreciate the routine.
Dating even if not tempted.
can also be enjoyable.

Not relying on others.
Not wanting to be dependent on others.
Not daring to rely on others.
In all plans for the future.
It’s just yourself.
So you will be more businesslike.
Willing to spend money and time for yourself.
Rank yourself first.
Everything is about your own happiness.

Very free.
You want to do everything, try everything.
There’s no scruples anyway.
You alone bear all the consequences.

Missing your former self.
Nostalgia for the self who.
Has been heart beating, crying, tossing and turning.
Can’t sleep all night long.
For the boys now you think are pretty ordinary.
And very childish
But it’s just nostalgia.

Will remember the people you met.
Think a lot of what if.
But that’s just thinking about it.

Feeling like this is problematic.
But no motivation to change anymore.

Maybe someday you’ll meet someone really right for you.
You could be together for a long time.
You can have a heart full of it.
Or you may never run into that person.