lose freshness

“The most disgusting thing is the perfunctory after the freshness, and that I have not changed”

Yesterday, a reader came to talk to us. This girl broke up with her boyfriend because her boyfriend didn’t give her brown sugar water. Seeing this reason, do you think this girl is making a mountain out of a molehill like me?
It’s not true.
The girl told me that when they were together, the girl had a bad stomachache. Her boyfriend ran to an automatic medicine vending machine 8 km away at 2 a.m. to buy medicine for her. Once the girl cut her hand, my boyfriend also ran a long way to buy a band aid for her.
And now, a year later, the girl is suffering from the same pain.Her boyfriend lies next to her, but he is concentrating on holding the mobile phone and playing games.

Even when the girl is in pain, her boyfriend just says, “go and have some hot water, I’m going to the promotion competition.”
What a girl cares about is not hot water, but the change of her boyfriend’s attitude towards her.
So what happens when a man doesn’t love you after he’s fresh?

1.Start to get impatient

Once upon a time, he was all inclusive of your small temper, and he seemed to have collapsed when you left tears.
He would like to accompany you on the sofa to see the Korean dramas he did not like, and listen to the complaints you made about the fine tucking of the old women in the office.
Now, even if you cry hard, he even gets bored.
“Why are you cry again. So boring. It’s a big fart.”
You excitedly tell him that his idol has a new song, and he will only shake one sentence without returning: naive.

You’ll find that you can’t communicate at all.
It’s very important for lovers to communicate, and a man who doesn’t like you will turn off this channel.

2.He is slow to reply to your message.

I’ve read a report: Chinese click on a mobile phone 600 times a day on average, 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes. Suppose we click on a mobile phone for one minute, then we spend an average of 600 minutes on a mobile phone every day, a full ten hours.
Assuming the report is right, how much time does he spend on you every day?
Even if he is really busy, at least tells her: my dear, I am very busy now. I will give you information later. Because the taste of waiting is very hard, especially waiting for the unknown ending. If he tell her, it doesn’t matter if she waits.
If he is busy every day, very busy, very busy. Then we need to consider the particularity in love, which means that you can make thimgs different when he does something. So, it’s just an excuse.
In fact, the girl likes to be returned in a second. It doesn’t really need to be returned in a second, but just wants her love to be responded.
Response means care and respect.

3.Quarrel is always a girl’s vexatious

Every love will change from passion to plainness with time. At the beginning, it will be electric shock like excitement and infatuation. Gradually, it will become gentle and calm. Without the original impulse, each other will enlarge their shortcomings, so it is natural to quarrel.

But the key to the problem is not quarreling, but he will never think that he has a mistake when quarreling. He will always think that girls are making trouble for nothing. In a small way, they are always looking for things. All the mistakes are girls. The source of all the quarrels is girls.
When you fall in love with this kind of boy, you quarrel for several reasons. No matter how much you quarrel, he will not reflect whether it is his own fault or his own problem, let alone change it!
Such boys will make girls disappointed and tired in love…

4.They think girls love money very much

There is no hope in him, but he thinks you only love money.
Never underestimate a woman’s determination to share weal and woe with you, but you have to trade your heart for it.
Just like “later we”, Fang Xiaoxiao and Lin Jianqing lived together in the basement of Beijing. Fang Xiaoxiao was originally a person who pursued success, big house, sunshine and quality life. In order to be with Lin Jianqing, she didn’t need any of these. What she can exchange was Lin Jianqing’s decadence in playing games at home all day!
She left him, but he felt that she didn’t think he had money or a house. Later, Lin Jianqing became rich. The first thing he did was to buy a house for Fang Xiaoxiao, but it didn’t win Fang Xiaoxiao’s heart again.
Because he didn’t understand at that time, Fang Xiaoxiao left him not because of money, but because she can’t see hope in him. If two people didn’t even understand each other’s thoughts, then what’s the need to be together!

5.Avoid problems and don’t explain, let alone trying to solve them.

Someone ask me how to distinguish love from being loved?
I’ve seen a lot of couples who can quarrel many times with one question. Your answer is why I have to jump in a pit, but what I want to say is why you can’t fill that pit up.
You see, that’s the difference between loving and being loved.
Sometimes we always think love too simple, for example 30 seconds of heart rate acceleration or 3 minutes of blush. Three years of enthusiasm fades, I don’t feel love when I lose the freshness.

There are two ways to avoid problems. One is that he doesn’t care about you at all. The other is that when he gets tired of it, he doesn’t care. All in all, he doesn’t want to invest time and energy in repairing your relationship.
When two people together for a long time, conflicts are inevitable. After all, we are not precision fit machine parts. These gullies will not disappear because they are ignored. On the contrary, as time goes by, these gullies will be difficult to level. Everyone knows in their hearts, so when they can’t even quarrel with you, they should be waiting for you to say goodbye.

I remember when I was a child, I asked my mother a silly question. I said that there are so many thorns in the fish, but it won’t hurt.
All of a sudden, I feel that this metaphor is also suitable for people. Those past events once pierced the body like thorns, and I can’t feel the pain after a long time.
Maybe it’s not gone. It’s just that they’ve become our bones.
What is the balance of love? Love is always a one-way effort.
Just like a smoker can never smell the smoke on his body, a loved one never knows how tired he is.