With a little more understanding and tolerance in dating, perhaps breakups will become less frequent.


Some people say that the more you listen to the man, the more blamed  he is ,the more you spoil your girlfriend, the overbearing she is.

In fact, a lot of times, the degree is important, everything in moderation on the line, can not be too much, for example, girls, can not be too unreasonable.

There are many, many girls, are in the process of losing their boyfriends to make themselves into a single.

It’s a good idea to take a look at what kinds of girls are prone to lose their boyfriends.

1. They have too much inner drama and is a heavy drama queen

Many of you who have been in love, must have come across such a kind of girl, the inner play is very full, you ignore her for a few minutes, she can build a big play in her mind she thinks you must either have a car accident, or go to have sex with someone else if you don’t reply to her in minutes.

This kind of girl in the dating process is very difficult to deal with, they often can somehow think too much, they understand your unconscious a sentence, a behavior, as a hint, and then quickly in the inner play a play, then began to get angry with you, often make you bewildered.

This kind of girl is usually very normal in life, and there is nothing else wrong with her, you will not even notice when you first get to know her, she is actually a drama queen, and her inner drama often starts after you have been in a formal relationship with her.

You say, “Baby, it’s going to rain today, remember to bring an umbrella when you go out. then she will quickly say why did you remind me that it’s raining today, can’t you come to pick me up when it’s raining.” He reminded me to bring an umbrella beacuse he doesn’t want to pick me up, he doesn’t love me anymore.

So, lots of girls have lose their boyfriends because they are unresonable.

2.They have a sharp tongue and a soft heart

There is such a kind of girl, If you and she quarrel, she will speak especially ugly, this kind of girl hates the boyfriend who speaks big words to her.

As long as you bring out the facts and reasons  with her, she will be angry with you,and let you go away and want to  break up with you. “Why do find so many excuses? I can live alone with my self!”

This type of girl, just like the very “Ode to Joy” in Qu Xiaoxin,is the standard poisonous tongue,if you dare to fight with her reasoning, she will be able to scold you as much as possible.

But in fact, this kind of girls have typical knife mouth and bean curd heart, they are full of love in life, will take care of stray kittens and puppies, will do charity for public welfare.

Their poisonous tongue is often a cover for their own bravado, in fact, when they let their boyfriend roll, inside they are incredibly eager for him to come and hug her.

It is because of their bravado, they would rather suffer to death than give in easily, so many boyfriends are just gone.

3. They will check in anywhere, anytime

Among the girls I know, there is one kind of girl who is particularly strange, they are particularly insecure about love, all the time fantasizing that the other will cheat.

As soon as they are free, they have to check their boyfriend’s location, Baidu map, etc. If the boyfriend is out of town, they have to make a video call to him once an hour, especially at night, they almost sleep with the video call.

Such girls will also say, sometimes it is not we girls who check too tight, but the boyfriend whose heart is too wild. It is frequent that he slipped out to play, it is okay to play a game  on the internet with friends, it is troublesome for him to go out to drink, I just don’t know what he will do after drinking.

This kind of girls, they will be particularly sensitive when in love, If there is a little wind, they can be imaginative, they look at their boyfriends especially tightly, often give their boyfriends a lot of pressure.

There are a lot of guys who feel they have lost their freedom and their life has become tasteless after dating such girls.

4. They are hard to please

Among the girls in love, pretension is a common problem among most of them.

There is always a little princess living in this kind of girl’s heart , they hope their boyfriend is a prince charming, to hold her in the heart, to coax and spoil her.  

They don’t have any big problems in life, but when they quarrel with each other, they are especially hard to coax. Other girls only need to send a small red envelope, send a small gift and say a good word to coax it.They can’t, they have to get enough affection from their boyfriends to be coaxed, and they feel that if they can be coaxed casually, their boyfriends will only treat them worse and worse in the future.

So many guys will feel that this kind of girl is very  preposterous, they have a princess disease.

In fact, this is not the case, this kind of girl just inside more girl cute, they hope all things are sincere, confession should be romantic, apology should be true.

The majority of guys are not able to get this, so it will happen, boyfriend and girlfriend quarrel, guys think girlfriend is too difficult to coax, girls think boyfriend is too insincere.

Eventually, this type of girl will make the boyfriend lost.


The above four kinds of girls, that is, in love the boys will generally mee, in fact, ah, girls have a common disease,  which every girl more or less will have, dating, well, you just need to have more understanding and tolerance, maybe break up will become a little less.