Marital Bond

Marital BondSohail and Pali got married in the year 1991, both were greatly happy since the marriage at a young age was highly exciting, though Pali belonged to a very rich family and Sohail was from a relatively humble background. They were attracted to each other, psychologically as well as physically, and together they would indulge in delights after Sohail would return from office, visiting restaurants and relatives in addition to friends. Sohail was an assistant accountant with an insurance company, one day his boss asked him to sign a receipt that was to be a documentary evidence that Sohail had received hundred thousand rupees, but Sohail never received the commission on insurance and, therefore, he refused to sign. The boss turned against Sohail and asked him to resign, Sohail was a simple middle class man and had meagre means of support, and he consulted the friend of his father who advised him to have a low profile at the office and thus he should not resign.

Annoyance Created

After two weeks, Sohail decided to resign, and became jobless with a young wife at home and mother. He seemed to have lost his self-respect and could not control his emotions, therefore, disputes erupted between him and his wife, there were times when Sohail began hitting his wife whom he was remarkably close simply a few days back. The love between them immediately mitigated to an enormous extent and the parents of Pali were involved as well, thus, in the same time period, the mother of Sohail began to annoy the couple every day. One reason for this annoyance was that Sohail was not paying any money to his mother now and there was shortage of funds in the home wallet, it seemed that the mother of Sohail wanted to rent out the portion of her house and, therefore, she wanted the couple to move to the house which was in Lahore and owned by the parents of Pali, but where the divorced sister of her mother was living along with her daughter.

Disputes Erupted

The disputes between the Mother and Pali began right from the first week of marriage, whenever Sohail would return from his company the Mother would place before him the complaints about Pali and Sohail thus became quite shaky about his married life as well as about his relations with his widow mother thus his burden compounded to own to his shattered brains. Sohail did not have a father with whom he could share his agony nor there was any big brother of his who might assist him manage the situation, the house was owned by his mother and, therefore, Sohail had to leave along with Pali one evening. They both landed at the house of Pali’s parents, but, after a few days, fights and beatings were in place between Sohail and Pali, the house was located at a locality where two aunts of Pali were already residing and, moreover, a married sister, Hina, of Pali was there as well.

Hina Aggravated

After Sohail left for office, Hina would come to the house of Pali and both would laugh and enjoy, and, moreover, their voices would go outside the house into the lane. Once Sohail returned unexpectedly earlier, and found that the door of the house was opened and the voices were heard at the lane, Sohail was very angry with Pali since sohail did not want the privacy of his home to be damaged. Pali became furious at Sohail and, thereafter, she would not obey her husband. Hina kept visiting when Sohail was absent and this attitude was disliked by Sohail. Hina was a rude woman and Pali as well became rude and, therefore, the situation became out of control soon, the parents of Pali and the mother of Sohail got involved and the life of the couple became highly unhappy. In addition, the sister of Pali’s mother established her secretive communication with Pali as well, acting as the messenger between Pali and her parents, which again Sohail repelled to safeguard her family but Pali rejected his stance.

Pali Hit

The strenuous corporal treatment of Pali by sohail became a routine in the house so much so that the neighbors would jump in to solve the issue or the brother of Pali would have to be summoned along with the mother of Sohail. As weeks passed, the relationship between Sohail and Pali worsened and, finally, their marital separation took place, Pali took the son and the two daughters to Karachi, leaving Sohail alone to live with her mother in Lahore. Their marriage was getting out of their hands, Pali blamed Sohail who wanted that the couple should take some time to think but Pali was hasty and she decided to have permanent separation. This shocked Sohail who loved Pali and wished to live with her but due to his traumatic state of mind he could not manage the marital relations. Pali filed a suit against Sohail from Karachi, asking the court to force Sohail to pay for the maintenance of her and the two daughters, this struck Sohail as a nefarious blow. She came to Lahore to hand over Haroon, the son, to Sohail since Haroon opted to live with his father.

Sohail’s Torture

Since then Haroon and Sohail began to have their own life, with effect from 1998, they would both enjoy together by visiting numerous places daily after Sohail would return from office. Sohail was very jolted and would be harsh towards Haroon in the beginning but gradually he improved since his state of mind was unimaginably painful, though he regained the lost job, and he longed help and affection. Haroon was so adversely affected psychologically that he would not join any school, he would start shouting at the school and lie down on the road to protest against schooling. This was a highly torturing time for Sohail and his Mother as they wished Haroon to carry on his normal life so that they could as well be part of normal days and evenings too.

Haroon’s Schooling

The Mother of Sohail loved Haroon so much that her life became a bed of roses with his sweet presence, she would take Haroon everywhere along with her and would prepare all types of food for him according to Haroon’s taste, Haroon began going to school and things started becoming normal. The school was an average one and therefore, he was admitted into a new school where he was getting better education and Sohail was also satisfied since this school offered ordinary level program of the university of Cambridge which Sohail wanted Haroon to accomplish. Sohail and his father, both were awarded certificate for having completed this exceptionally prestigious ordinary level program and which Haroon’s did achieve with flying colours.

Personality Formation

Sohail and his son, both became fast friends and greatly loving companions, Sohail found a son, a friend and a brother in the shape of Haroon, after Sohail was orphaned at the 28 years ago, at the delicate age of 9.  Sohail would train Haroon by asking him to introduce himself to celebrities whenever they would visit an international hotel in Lahore, Haroon joined cricket team outside school in the evening and soon became popular among the colleagues for being the youngest player with them and all the players loved and cared for him too. The Mother of Sohail was highly loving and committed, as a lady and grandmother, since she took dedicated care of Haroon acting as the unparalleled counterpart for his mother who would keep an eye upon his whereabouts and the type of people he would meet with.

Groomed Haroon

Grandma was so protective of Haroon that once when he was trapped by a boy for some dispute between them, she rushed to save him and lodged complaint with the parents of the boy, the parents slapped hard their son, rebuked him profusely and further begged apology from the grandmother as well. Haroon’s grandma would excitedly inform her relatives and the neighbours that Haroon and Sohail were her 2 sons, she would send Haroon for shopping and would always trust him for his decisions, as the result of her relying approach towards Haroon he became a highly confident family boy. Sohail streamlined his energy onto the studies as well as building the personality of Haroon and, resultantly, Haroon turned out to be a highly competent and responsible son. The daughters became as strangers to Sohail who allowed Haroon to have relations with his mother and the sisters so that Haroon never experiences guilt in society.