Now I recollect the old memories as well as sweet memories of my married life. But the present attitude of my wife regarding behavior, confusion, negative mentality, doubt, infidelity, sex, etc. give me agony. Obviously, after watching the above changes as well as the signs of my wife’s mentality through the last few years, I am sure that my wife has cheated on me.

1,Infidelity is the most challenging problem

Infidelity is the most challenging problem faced in a relationship. Betrayal maybe not part of a good relationship. Trust is the most vital part of a good relationship. Where trust is not there, a good relationship is not there. A good relationship has to be built on trust. And this trust does not make in one day. It has to be made in many circumstances. Now at the age of 50, I think that my wife has cheated on me.

2,Love at first sight

It was 22 years ago. That was an amazing marriage ceremony night. The environment was calm and quiet. The weather was cool. Because it was winter season. I became ready just to take my dinner but suddenly noticed a beautiful girl of about 22 years of age stared at me. I also stared at her. I became enchanted with that beautiful girl and was overwhelmed by her emotions for some time. She dressed so beautifully as if she is the heroine on that night. I fell in her love. Love at first sight.

3,Married, Doubt, Sure signs that my wife has cheated on me

I married that girl. Now she is my wife and the mother of my son. Our conjugal life is of 22 years. My son is a medical student. But at this stage, I have come to realize that my wife has cheated on me. I can also recollect the old memories by which I can sure that my wife has cheated on me. Actually, during these 22 years, I have never doubted her. But now some doubts have been cast upon the trust of her. Now it seems to be that from the very beginning of our relationship she has been cheating on me. Because it seems to be that her attitude has been changing gradually. I have come to this conclusion by some signs that my wife has cheated on me. In general, sweet integrity sustains through a long time immediately post-marriage session in between husband and wife. Homesickness both for husband and wife occurs at that time. Husband returns to the home immediately after office leave and wife wait for his return from the office. It is for affection with each other. But at that time I was not in a position to watch the exact intention of my wife due to conjugal sex. I affectionately loved my wife. Really I was happy for my first marriage and first sex. Naturally, I didn’t know my wife’s intention. I didn’t know that she loved somebody else. So the question of why she loved me and married me. But now at 50, I have come to realize that she doesn’t love me at all. And gradually the entire picture has been very clear to me.

4,Behaviour Change

My wife’s behavior has been changed. She is not showing a feeling of deep admiration for me expressed by her abilities. She has been conducting myself in accordance, not with the accepted norms of husband-wife relation. Her behavior is being rude day by day. One day I returned to my home too late due to my office’s work pressure. After entering, my wife asked me rudely, why are you so late? I tried to reply to her that it was due to heavy work pressure at the office. But she was not then in a position to hear me. She began to cry as if I have done guilt. It was impossible for me to convince her that I was not wrong. The incident was very nominal. It may happen for every official. So that should not be done by my wife. These behavior changes and some odd occurrences indicate occasionally that my wife is having an affair with someone.


Since many years I have been noticing that my wife has a sense of confusion about me. She does not give me the same value as like as before on any type of discussions on any subject. Something that has been said by me correct my wife ignores as incorrect. In this way past and present blurred together, confusing her still further. But once upon a time, at the beginning of our journey of conjugal life, my wife was not as like as a present. And one thing, confusion on every respect in between husband and wife is not healthy.

6,Negative Mentality

Since a few years, I have been noticing that my wife has been habituated with a negative mentality. She has not been giving me the same value as like as before. One day after returning from office I offered her to accompany me for a cinema-show. But she refused it what did not happen before. But that day she was fine physically. So it was possible for her to be accompanied by me. But she refused. The question was ‘why’. In another day I planed for a visit to BeJing and Shanghai. But she refused it also. I watched my wife has been habituated with a negative mentality. She has started to refuse me for every outing or pleasure-trip. In these cases, I can suspect her because of actions that are out of the norm.

7,More critical than before

My wife is being more critical than before. Why I don’t know but she tries to quarrel with me in every moment. An angry argument or disagreement, typically between her and me. Now it has been agony to me. Extreme physical and mental suffering. It is not possible for me to divorce my wife. And actually, I don’t like that. But what should I do now? Can you tell me? It is obvious that all occurrences certainly indicate that my life-partner is having an affair with someone. And when I go to mention this infidelity or affairs my wife gets very defensive. Nobody would be able to stand for that confrontation. Honestly, I have been fed-up. Now the situation is that she abuses me if she reaches a specified state or condition. And I have to tolerate it because she is my wife.

8,More attentive than usual

Suddenly I saw my wife is more attentive to me than usual. I think that no extremity in every respect is good. After giving me more attention for the satisfaction she goes out for a long time and after returning back to the home being asked for the reason of the long outing she avoids me. As she is not able to answer me correctly I can conclude these avoidance strategies indicate that my wife may be cheating. And when she goes outside to talk on the phone could be related to betrayal.

9,Conjugal Sex

It is common that after a few years fluctuations in the frequency in sex may be happened. And after many years these fluctuations in the frequency in sex may be increased. But the gradual decrease in the frequency in sex is quite uncommon. These signs positively indicate the possibility of an affair. And I have been watching it since last few years. I have been watching through the last years less interest in intimacy regarding sex in our relationship. Conjugal sex is the most vital part of a married couple. So less interest in this connection obviously the most vital sign of my wife’s character that she has cheated on me. Besides, very occasionally, while we go for transactions of sex in between us my wife introduces lots of new things in sex. Indeed, the new things introduced by my wife were never before. The question, how it is possible.